TOS-Con '19 Trip fundraiser 

Awesome goodies from India that you will !

Hi there,


Thank you for taking the time out to go through my page.  I am Huzefa - an ambitious Indian who just won a scholarship to TOS-Con 2019. And I would be delighted to entertain you at the Park City.


The Problem

The issue is, I can not attend TOS-Con 2019, unless I’m able to raise an additional $1200 to cover the scholarship’s resulting travel expenses including the flight ticket from India ($1400), TOS-Con tickets ($190), and other travel expenses ($200) by 10th July.


How You Can Help


I am organizing a fundraiser event whereby you can purchase some goodies from India which are to be ordered before the conference. You can also show some love by chipping in any amount (big or small) via Paypal ( This would really mean a lot to me and a letter of appreciation would be sent to show my immense gratitude for the kind gesture.


My Offerings


  • Dehydrated Indian Meals


These are great! They are awesome camping meals and can also be enjoyed at the conference. 14 meals cost $49. For more details, click here: Dehydrated Indian Meals

✓ Order meals on/before 10th July to get at the conference.


  • Innovative Double And Solo Sleeping Quilts


$219/$189 lightweight, high performance (patent pending) geared for your adventures (specially crafted by me). For more details, click here: Sleeping Bag Innovation

✓ 2-year warranty.

✓ Order your quilt on/before July 10th to get at the conference.

Get Started


Are you interested in trying out Indian food or outdoors? Or perhaps you know people who enjoy the Indian culture. Here is a glorious opportunity to get them these as wonderful presents you know they’ll truly appreciate.


Not only are you getting a perfect value for your money, but you would also be helping me pay for the TOS-Con travel expenses. So why hesitate? It’s a fair deal and everybody wins! Here is a big thank you in advance.

Why do I want to attend TOS-Con 2019?

TOS-Con 2018 impacted me deeply, and I became obsessed with flourishing. After returning to India, I challenged myself to put these ideas into practice. I pursued my idea for building innovative 2-person & solo sleeping bags and become an entrepreneur!


All the presentations this year are very practical. I am excited to learn and apply new ideas about how to flourish in all areas of my life - physically, mentally, financially and socially.

I care deeply about free markets and individual liberty because these are necessary pre-conditions for flourishing. At TOS-Con, my goal is to gain a deeper understanding of these principles to pursue work as an intellectual professional and help advance these much-needed values in today's world.

I am also looking forward to making new friends at this year's conference as well as re-connecting with old friends from TOS-Con 2018.

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