The story behind these quilts

My first vapor barrier quilt


In 2012, I made my first vapor barrier quilt and used it on several Himalayan expeditions. I chose a vapor barrier inner because I wanted the quilt to stay free of condensation during snowy conditions. I was so impressed by the quilt’s ability to keep me warm and dry that I decided to offer them for sale on BackpackingLight Forum.

Due to several reasons, I discontinued the project. 

Trying out highly breathable quilt


I made a 2 person quilt using a very breathable mesh inner and uncalendered hyperD top and used it on my 2 year backpacking journey. My reason for choosing a highly breathable  fabrics was that it would help prevent condensation. Later when I did more study on condensation, I found that in high humid conditions, highly breathable fabric will not prevent condensation if the due point is inside the insulation layer. I shared this quilt with my girlfriend and was happy with the weight and space savings on the backpacking trip. My girl friend was not so happy with width, draft issues, no footbox and warmth.Yes, the quilt was very breathable but the trade off is warmth.

Vapor barrier 2.0 technology


In March 2019, I made a new 2-person quilt based on what I have learned from using both a vapor barrier and a highly breathable quilt with several improvements. I made the quilt wider, added a 3D foot box, draft stopper, anatomical cut, vapor barrier inner and highly windproof outer. I and my girlfriend tested it for 2 weeks at 8400 ft and we are both very happy with this version. There is no clammy feeling!

After sharing it among my mountaineering friends, I got 2 orders. Motivated by the feedback I'm getting in India, I'm putting this project out again. If you're interested in trying out one (risk-free), you can get in touch with me at

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