Sleeping bag Innovation (patent-pending)


Why did I design these quilts?

Waking up in a damp sleeping bag is a terrible feeling I am personally familiar with. It has a terrible impact on your entire camping experience, and in some cases might get you cold or sick."

I designed the 2-person & solo quilt with an innovative condensation-barrier to solve the damp sleeping bag problem in bad weather without feeling clammy. This ultralight, no-fuss sleeping solution keeps me and my partner dry, warm and comfortable in the Himalayas even when wet conditions tris dampens our 

There are many sleeping quilts options in the market, both synthetic and down, but the designs lack head insulation, are too narrow, use restricting pad straps, and are not able to offer 100% reliable protection in cold, wet conditions. Only Blue Bolt quilts protect the head, stops cold draft effectively, have built-in condensation barrier which guarantees 100% reliable warmth and comfort, and are available in 2 sizes: solo and 2-person.


I make custom bags with your choice of temperature rating. Weight and price depend on the temperature rating required. 

Current built-time is 3-6 weeks as I need to get fabrics and Insulation from the USA for each order.

Solo 25F quilt  - $189 with free international shipping + 2 year warranty

  • Weight 23 oz (650 grams)

  • Temperature rating 25F (-4C)

  • Width 4.5ft, Length 7ft

  • Shell: 0.75oz 10D Nylon

  • Insulation: 5oz Climashield Apex

  • Inner: 0.85oz 10D Nylon

  • Draft Stopper: 0.75oz 10D Nylon

2-person 25F quilt - $219 with free shipping + 2 year warranty

  • Weight 30oz (850 grams)

  • Temperature rating 25F (-4C)

  • Width 6ft, Lenght 7ft

  • Shell: 0.75oz 10D Nylon

  • Insulation: 5oz Climashield Apex

  • Inner: 0.84oz 10D Nylon

  • Draft Stopper: 0.75oz 10D Nylon

***Try risk-free with 60 day return for full refund. Accepting PayPal.***


  1. Super lightweight

  2. Roomy design with a wide variable girth

  3. Draft stopper blocks the cold draft effectively, yet lets the moisture breathe out

  4. With enough length to keep your head warm

  5. Anatomical shape cocoons your body

  6. 3D sewn foot box for maximum warmth

  7. Some of the lightest 10D/15D fabrics in the world.

  8. World's most advanced insulation (made in the USA) - Climashield Apex.

  9. Integrated Condensation Barrier stops condensation in the sleeping bag which will allow you to sleep in the open under clear skies, wet tent or igloo without getting your bag wet or feeling clammy.

Tested in the Himalayas

Blue Bolt quilt goes on a 6-month solo trek across the Himalayas with Peter Van Geit. Follow Peter's journey at his blog:

Blue Bolt 2-person and solo sleeping quilts (patent pending) are lightweight high-performance gear for outdoor enthusiasts needing reliable warmth in tough, wet conditions

  • Innovative hybrid design

  • Cutting edge 10D fabrics

  • Most technically advanced insulation

  • Exclusive Condensation-Barrier™ Technology

  • Field tested in the Himalayas

Blue Bolt quilts are lighter and less bulky for the same warmth compared to traditional mummy shape sleeping bags. The fully variable wide girth with draft-stopper offers complete freedom of movement without restrictions and cold drafts, which users find super comfortable. The feature pros love the most is the built-in Condensation-Barrier Technology which gives them total protection to sleep in the open under clear skies or under a shelter during a storm without getting their bag wet or feeling clammy.


Who uses quilts? Quilts have by Ray Jardine - the pioneer of ultralight backpacking - in Greenland, South Pole, Vinson, Aconcagua, climbers such as Andy Kirkpatrick on Troll wall, Eiger in Winters, and ultra-runner Peter Van on the 6-months Trans Himalayan solo trek

Inside the quilt is Climashield® APEX Insulation which offers superior performance in wet condition compared to goose down.  Made for USA Military and currently the best synthetic available. 

  • Very lightweight, warm and durable.

  • This insulation fabric is machine-washable and, unlike down, not clump or shift.

  • Water resistant - Unlike down, dries quickly and maintains warmth even in wet conditions.

  • Hypoallergenic - Unlike down, does not provoke allergies.

  • No quilting require - unlike other polyfill and down bags, that means zero cold spots and 90% fewer stitch holes.

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