Some of the questions I received from the forums where I posted this quilt design:

1) Can you explain the vapor barrier thing?

Answer: Vapor barrier is a non-breathable inner layer that keeps moisture off your insulation, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable in bad weather. I am using 0.93oz Membrane SilPoly which soft and comfortable.

2) Will these be any lighter than 0.33 cuben quilts?

The shell is 0.66oz and inner is 0.93oz. So it won’t be lighter than using 0.33 cuben. But it is much softer and comfortable than cuben. It also drapes better and packs down smaller than cuben.

3) Does vapor barrier refer to the quilt not breathing? What are the advantages of having a vapor barrier quilt?

Vapor barrier fabric doesn't breath but in my test, I found the quilt still breathes through the draft stopper fabric and for that reason doesn't have a clammy feeling. 


Without the VB, the quilt will be good 35-40F for most people. VB adds 10-15f warmth at no additional weight. Also, you do not need a bivy with a VB quilt since shell has a very good DWR and there is no actual transport of sweat taking place from the body to the outside. I make my quilts 54″ wide (1-person) and 72″ wide (2-person)  with draft stoppers, which works well to avoid drafts.

4) A waterproof inner sounds awfully clammy to me too. How does this actually feel in the field?

After using the quilt, I and my girlfriend never found any clammy feeling. The moisture breathes out through the draft stopper.

5) I live in Sydney and plan on doing some snow camping and the Larapinta trail in the middle of Australia. It gets down to about -2C or roughly 28F. I want to know your thoughts on your quilt and its suitability, I will layer up if required, polartec 100 pants and a top maybe polartec 300. Whats your thoughts?

This quilt would keep you warm in those conditions. You can layer inside the quilt.

6) I have only just started looking into the sleeping in a plastic bag then in your sleeping bag to add a few degrees etc, I am really not sure on this concept?? Is this what you mean by the vapor barrier type quilt??

The plastic bag is a vapor barrier. Since the quilt has a built-in VB, a plastic bag is not required.

7) I am also 54′ around the shoulders and sleep on a UL7 Downmat (2.5inchs) I am 173cm(68inchs) in height and are worried that the quilt in your standard configuration would be wide enough for me??

I can make 1-person up to 58″ width. The thing to note is that unlike a bag which goes around you, the quilt stays only on the top. You may leave the draft stopper fabric on the side hanging down your pad, this is enough to keep the drafts out.

8)  I have read all about the VB, my concern after I thought about it more is how can I layer up if I m cold?

Before I thought that layers inside the vapor barrier quilt would get damp with perspiration but further testing showed that this is not the case. You can layer inside this quilt. The moisture moves out through the breathable draft stopper.

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