Why do I want to attend TOS-Con 2019?

TOS-Con 2018 impacted me deeply and I became obsessed about flourishing. After returning to India, I challenged myself to put these ideas into practice. I chose to pursue my idea for building innovative 2-person & solo sleeping bags and become an entrepreneur!


All the presentations this year are very practical. I am excited to learn and apply new ideas about how to flourish in all areas of my life - physically, mentally, financially and socially.

I care deeply about free markets and individual liberty because these are necessary pre-conditions for flourishing. At TOS-Con, my goal is to gain a deeper understanding of these principles in order to pursue work as an intellectual professional and help advance these much-needed values in today's world.


I am also looking forward to making new friends at this year's conference as well as re-connecting with old friends from TOS-Con 2018."

With your backing, I can raise an additional $1400 I need to attend the conference from India.

Will you help me?

Choose your goodies.

I will gratefully accept any contributions. Even $5 will help!  I will write a personal "Thank You!" postcard from India to all backers.

For $49, would you like to try out 14 different recipes f my favorite dehydrated Indian meals? They are great for camping or enjoying at the conference. For details, visit here: Dehydrated Indian Meals

I will bring the meals to the conference if you are coming here. Else, I will ship it to you for free.

For $189, would you like to get one patent-pending solo 25F sleeping quilt (23oz)? For details, visit here:​

Sleeping bag Innovation

Free international shipping and 2-year warranty. Order by June 30th, ship by August 31st.

For $219, would you like to get one patent-pending 2-person 25F sleeping quilt (30oz)? For details, visit here: Sleeping bag Innovation

Free international shipping and 2-year warranty. Order by June 30th, ship by August 31st.

My contact info:




Hi! I am Huzefa, from India.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all again at TOS-Con 2019 in Park City, Utah.

To pay for the trip expenses, I am bringing some awesome goodies with me from India for sale that you will absolutely love! 

These make awesome presents for your family and friends as well!

Your purchase will help me pay for TOS-Con trip expenses. So, a big Thank You.

I will write a personal "Thank You!" postcard from India to all backers.

*Due to airline baggage weight restrictions (max 46kgs), I can bring only max 30 packs of dehydrated meals. So get them now before they are all sold out.

**I have materials to do a special edition of max 12 sleeping bags in August. After this is gone, the next run will happen when I launch it officially on Kickstarter later this year.


I am excited to have you try the dehydrated meals and innovative sleeping quilts and look forward to getting your feedback.

Do you know someone who loves Indian food or outdoors? Please consider sharing this deal with them.

Scholarship and funds still needed


I am very grateful to win the scholarship for the conference again this year (Thank you, Craig!).

Scholarship includes:

  • Travel expenses (up to $600)

  • Hotel accommodations

  • Tickets to the opening and closing banquets & dance

The scholarship doesn't cover:

  • The full cost of flight tickets from India ($1500)

  • Conference tickers ($190)

  • Meals ($160 for 6 days)

  • Two nights stay in Airbnb to beat the Jet lag! ($50)

  • Uber and public transport ($100)

Additional funds required - $1400

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