Why I want to attend TOS-Con 2019?

TOS-Con 2018 impacted me deeply and I became obsessed about flourishing. After returning to India, I challenged myself to put these ideas to practice. I chose to pursue my idea for building innovative 2-person sleeping bags and become an entrepreneur!


All the presentations this year are very practical. I am excited to learn and apply new ideas about how to flourish in all areas of my life - physically, mentally, financially and socially.


I am also looking forward to making new friends at this year's conference as well as re-connecting with old friends from TOS-CON 2018."


Scholarship and funds still needed

I am very grateful to win the scholarship for the conference again this year (Thank you, Craig!).

Scholarship includes:

  • Travel expenses (up to $600)

  • Hotel accommodations

  • Tickets to the opening and closing banquets & dance

Scholarship doesn't cover:

  • Full cost of flight tickets from India ($1500)

  • Conference tickers ($190)

  • Meals ($160 for 6 days)

  • Two nights stay in AirBnb  to recover from Jet lag! ($50)

  • Uber and public transport ($100)

Additional funds required - $1400


With your support I can raise additional $1400 I need to join you at the conference. Will you help me?

I am trying to raise funds in 3 ways: 

  • I will bring suitcase full of my favorite dehydrated Indian meals (great for camping or enjoying at the conference). $4/pouch and $4.5/tub. There are 14 different recipes available and you can all try them out for $49 (save $10). For details, visit here: Dehydrated Indian Meals

  • I will make super-lightweight solo or 2-person sleeping quilt with innovative moisture barrier technology for you.  For details, visit here: Sleeping quilts

  • I will gratefully accept any donations via Paypal. I will write a personal "Thank You!" postcard to all donors and send it from the Indian Himalayas.

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