Dehydrated Indian Meals

Would you be interested in trying out delicious dehydrated Indian meals? I have been using them and love the taste and flavor. It’s good for adding variety to your backpacking meals.

Super easy to make! Just open the pouch, put it in the tub, add some boiling water, cover the lid for 8 mins and its ready! No simmering required.


Available in Pouches for $4 per serving and Tubs for $4.50 per serving, include international shipping from India. Accepting PayPal.

Breakfast options

  1. Veggie Upma (pouch or tub),

  2. Masala Upma (pouch or tub) 2.5 oz, 319 kcal

  3. Sewiyan Upma (pouch or tub), 2.5 oz, 265 kcal

  4. Poha (pouch or tub), 3oz, 368 kcal

  5. Tangy and Sweet Poha (pouch or tub), 3oz, 377 kcal

  6. Idli Sambar (tub). 2.12 oz, 260kcal

Meal options

  1. Veg Biryani (pouch or tub), 2.6 oz, 301 kcal

  2. Dal Rice (tub), 3.17 oz, 360 kcal

  3. Kadhi Rice (pouch or tub), 2.65oz, 276 kcal

  4. Chinese Fried rice (pouch or tub), 3 oz, 337 kcal

  5. Sambar Rice (tub), 3.17 oz, 369 kcal

  6. Pea Pulao (tub), 2.65oz, 300 kcal

Dessert options

  1. Kesari Halwa (tub)

  2. Seviyan Kheer (tub)

Can’t decide which one to get? Try all 14 varieties for only $49 and save $10. My PayPal email id is

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